Monday, 18 December 2017

Wolf Adaptations

On this drawing that is being presented is about Wolf Adaptations. The physiological, behavioral, and structural adaptations.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Math (Education Perfect)

This year for Maths, I've been using Education Perfect, that has been happily added to our school learning! This learning website has helped me a lot with my learning. Giving me a little more of an understanding of what I need to be learning. Education Perfect has not only helped me improve with my learning but has helped me be more confident with my work because of the help I have been given from my teacher and also Education Perfect from the examples and clues it has given me!

I appreciate all of the help that has been given to me by my Math Teacher Mr. Koch. He had helped me with understanding to get me to where I need to be! Taking his time out of his work to help me get a bigger understanding of what I was trying to learn! Let alone get me to the level I needed to be at!

Thank you, Mr. Koch, for all of the necessary help! You've helped me so much, and help prepare me for Year 10! I am very grateful for all that you have done for me!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

My 2017 Highlight

To see all of the smiles on everyone's faces was a joy! The laughter and excitement that came from everyone just brightened my day. Not having to worry about drama and just have a great time with my friends was my highlight for 2017! Being able to get along and communicate with everyone whether they were my friends or not! It was something that I found intriguing. Everyone had an amazing time having fun! I loved hanging out with different people instead of my friends! It really helped me get over my shyness and helped me be a little more confident with myself.

2017 may have not been an amazing year for everyone but throughout all of the successes that everyone had achieved just made everything better.
2017 wouldn't be one of my favorite years but some of the things that happened throughout 2017 were! Being able to accept 5 awards for my prize giving was an honor! Getting a better understanding of my learning. And knowing that all of my hard work had paid off! Let alone knowing that all of my successes this year will really help strive for a larger amount of success for next year! With all of my achievements will definitely give my younger siblings something to think about! No matter what situation you are in, nor the things you are going through in life, you're are still very capable of achieving all of your goals that are set for you! As long as you try your best, never give up! And ask for help when you need it or not!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Election Results

Election Results!!

NZ First
On the pie graph above if give you a small percentage of who has the most seats in parliament between the National, Labour, NZ First, Green and Act Parties. These are the election results for how many seats have been elected from each party. Meaning that National is on top, and Labour is just a few seats below them.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Digital Footprint

So this is my Digital Footprint. In my footprint there is apps and websites that I have been on for the last 2 days. The smaller the size the less I used the app throughout those 2 days, and the bigger the size the more I use the app.

What we are trying to learn about is all of the apps we go on isn't private. If you have a private instagram it isn't private because there are those few people that know how to see you so called private instagram without even following you.

A digital footprint is the information about a person or people that exists on the "internet" as a result of their online activities. And leaving behind your print of being on those apps/websites.

Thursday, 30 March 2017


So today I have created a presentation explaining Hāuora. Hāuora is a Maori Model of Health

Fono Fale - Questions and Answers

So today I have created a document explaining the answers to questions about the Fono Fale. 

What is the fono fale?

The fono fale is a model which was created by Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endermann as a Pacific Island model of health. The concept of the Samoan Fale or house is used as an image to describe a Pacific view of important factors in healthy development.

What is different about it  compared to Hāuora?

The fono fale is a model representing the Pacific Island Model of Health - This is the Samoan version of Health , while the Hāuora is based on a Marae/whare representing the Maori Model of Health - This is the Maori version of Health.

What is similar compared to Hāuora?

Fono Fale and Hāuora are both based on a Model of Health but are both represented by different culture - Hāuora (Maori) - Fono Fale (Samoan).

Do you like the Hāuora model or the Fono Fale model more? Why?

To me personally, I will have to like the Hāuora more because I know more about this Model, I understand this Model as well, while I don’t have a clue about the Fono Fale model, I haven’t learnt about this Model either but I would like to learn about it in the future.